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Special goods are available for those who have accumulated points.

[Note] You can exchange for goods by 1/27.

The accumulated points are eligible

《How to collect points》

① Follow the Bitfan account of Seeseehaha

② Tap your icon on the upper right

③ Tap [My Page]

④ Tap [Account Linkage Settings]

⑤ Tap your SNS account

<< Details of acquisition points >>

YouTube: Subscribe 10pt / Highly rated video 10pt

Twitter: "# Seesee Haha" "# Powerful Time"

Tweet 1pt with "# laughing music style time"

* If you press the Twitter mark at the bottom of the page, the specified hashtag will be displayed.

Moves to the entered tweet screen.

Spotify: Follow Seeseehaha (once a month) 10pt

Add to favorite song 1pt / Play song (per song) Up to 30pt per day

Bitfan: Top page visit 1pt / article viewing 1pt

<< Benefits >>

Only available here depending on the points

We will give you limited goods.

* Points will be earned until mid-January 2021.
* Goods application form will be released in late January 2021
* Details such as replacement method will be released at a later date
* Delivered by mail