Formed in 2010.

Aim for the pinnacle of live bands, both real and virtual

Alafor 3-member band.

With powerful singing voice and performance, once you hear it, unconsciously

The songs that you hum

There is no doubt that it will be exciting both on the sound source and live!

Overwhelming talk power, challenging appearance

Armed with the good friendship of the members ,

Talks with guests and Ogiri will be delivered live every week!

A new live weaving by Seeseehaha

You can see "Powerful Time" .

Vo. Kazuya Tamakaji

Kazuya Tamakaji

Date of Birth: March 15, 1981

Blood type: O

Birthplace: Okayama

Height: 172 cm

Weight: 210 broccoli

Hobbies: Radio distribution

My boom: intestinal activity

Twitter: @songtamakaji

Instagram: @kazuyatamakaji

ameblo: Soul's hot-blooded diary!

Radiotalk: Radio Tama-chan Bar

Gt. Aizu Sukuhoku ☆ Ryoya

Ryoya Sukuhoku Aizu

Date of birth: December 7, 1977

Blood type: A

Birthplace: Kumamoto

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 1,000 eggs

Hobbies: Find bargains at Digimart and Mercari

My Boom: Watch Tik Tok

Twitter: @zehazeha

Instagram: @ryouyaaizu

ameblo: right eye right ear right ear right eye

Dr. Yoshio Miyazaki

Yoshio Miyazaki

Date of birth: 1983.8.3

Blood type: B

Birthplace: Saitama

Height: 176 cm

Weight: 386 potatoes

Hobbies: Drinking

My Boom: Bake ingredients with a gas burner

Twitter: @miyayossy

Instagram: @yoshiojisan

ameblo: hit, hit